inside view of church aisle decorated with Christmas greens

St Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church Council has decided that due to the COVID-19 Virus and the need to keep everyone separated, not to have a Christmas Eve Service.

Pastor Hammer, the supply pastor for St Luke, has offered for any and all to attend the Christmas Eve Worship Service at St Paul Penryn for a early evening service at 6:30pm. If space becomes a challenge, the service will cascade out into the yard around the church. The extra worship service area may even have a few bond fires to provide a little heat.

St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
1258 Newport Rd
Penryn, PA 17564

If you happen to have any questions, please contact the church office. Have an enjoyable time remembering the birth of the Christ Child.

A brief update on Warmth for Winter which is in full swing right now. Clothing and blankets/pillows are being sorted for distribution to folks who need some extra warmth this winter.  We work with folks from the food programs, with families from the ELCO School District, and anyone in the community who has signed up for the program.  St. Luke’s WELCA (Women of the ELCA)Women of the ELCA is pitching in with blankets and pillows, and even the local Scout group has volunteered to participate.  Distribution is starting the first weekend of December, and will continue as long as the supply of blankets lasts.  Those who want to contribute but are not able to shop can donate funds for the purchase of items. The program last year reached some 100 people in the Eastern Lebanon County area, and it looks to be a bit larger this year—spreading Warmth from the heart throughout the community!