Rev William Miller Chapel Basement Floor Replacement

A Church In Action To Meet The Needs

POD Storage Container

Council President, Mike DeLong, provided an update to the congregation during the 16 January 2022 Worship Service announcements that the floor project is underway! Leading up to this time, the Trustees have spent numerous hours coordinating and receiving approval for this project to take place.

On Thursday 13 January, the final part of preparation was completed. EVERYTHING was required to be removed from: large meeting areas, library, food storage areas. A POD was rented, placed in chapel parking, and filled with items from these areas. These basement areas are set for the abatement/removal of the original floor covering (asbestos related) and worn carpet overlay.

Activities scheduled for chapel basement use are relocated to the upper chapel level or postponed/cancelled to a later date. Don’t forget, Adult Sunday School continues in this manner. Just may have to take a moment or two to discover where they are setting up shop.

Please do not visit the work area, especially for safety or being in the way. The project is to cover two or more weeks.

Council President will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.