Rev William Miller Chapel Basement Floor Replacement

POD Storage Container

16 January 2022 – Council President Mike DeLong provided an update to the congregation during worship service announcements that the project is underway! Leading up to this time, the Trustees have spent numerous hours coordinating and receiving approval for this project to take place.

On the past Thursday, the final part of preparation was completed. EVERYTHING was required to be removed from: large meeting areas, library, food storage areas. A POD was rented, placed in chapel parking, and filled with items from these areas. These basement areas are set for the abatement/removal of the original floor covering (asbestos related) and worn carpet overlay.

Activities scheduled for chapel basement use are relocated to the upper chapel level or postponed/cancelled to a later date. Don’t forget, Adult Sunday School continues in this manner. Just may have to take a moment or two to discover where they are setting up shop.

Please do not visit the work area, especially for safety or being in the way. The project is to cover two or more weeks.

The Council President will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

Book Cover

The Book Club will be meeting on Thursday, January 13th 2022 at 7pm in the Chapel. The book being discussed is “Clementine: The Life Of Mrs. Winston Churchill” by Sonia Purnell.

“By Winston Churchill’s own admission, victory in the Second World War would have been “impossible without her.” Until now, however, the only existing biography of Churchill’s wife, Clementine, was written by her daughter. Sonia Purnell finally gives Clementine her due with a deeply researched account that tells her life story, revealing how she was instrumental in softening FDR’s initial dislike of her husband and paving the way for Britain’s close relationship with America. It also provides a surprising account of her relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt and their differing approaches to the war effort.

Born into impecunious aristocracy, the young Clementine was the target of cruel snobbery. Many wondered why Winston married her, but their marriage proved to be an exceptional partnership. Beautiful and intelligent, but driven by her own insecurities, she made his career her mission. Any real consideration of Winston Churchill is incomplete without an understanding of their relationship, and Clementine is both the first real biography of this remarkable woman and a fascinating look inside their private world.” (summary from

All are invited to come.

14 January 2022 – (A day after the book club zoom meeting.)

The book club group had a lively discussion about how many things outlined in many ways were unbelievable how one may adhere to the war efforts forced upon everyone and in many ways raises thought on the situations of today on our lives. Also how the changing social interaction of today are vastly different, represented by the lack of sending letters to waiting for messages to popup at our fingertips.Book was a little long for some or a topic not of interest.

But the group is happy to see faces and hear voices, incarcerated by pandemic mannerisms. All are looking forward to the next club activities. 🙂

A brief update on Warmth for Winter which is in full swing right now. Clothing and blankets/pillows are being sorted for distribution to folks who need some extra warmth this winter.  We work with folks from the food programs, with families from the ELCO School District, and anyone in the community who has signed up for the program.  St. Luke’s WELCA (Women of the ELCA)Women of the ELCA is pitching in with blankets and pillows, and even the local Scout group has volunteered to participate.  Distribution is starting the first weekend of December, and will continue as long as the supply of blankets lasts.  Those who want to contribute but are not able to shop can donate funds for the purchase of items. The program last year reached some 100 people in the Eastern Lebanon County area, and it looks to be a bit larger this year—spreading Warmth from the heart throughout the community!

After a year of hard work, the quilts are off to those in need. Plain & Fancy provided the driver and vehicle to make its rounds to the different churches to pickup all the boxes of quilts that have been created.

Two days of loading boxes containing 221 quilts, 816 personal care kits, 971 school kits, and 17 fabric kits from 13 Lutheran churches in central Pennsylvania.

Let’s talk about our quilts this morning since we have dedication of that of them. Other years we had a hundred quilts for several years we had a hundred quilts. As of this year we have 60. One of my ladies from holy trinity has passed away, so that was one less person to help. If anybody would like to come and help on the second Wednesday of each month, from 9:00am-12pm to just pull yarn through. Everything else is done ahead of time. Sue Hedinger helps me to lay them all together each month. Sandy Smith faithfully sews lots and lots of tops. She has done a hundred in a year and from scraps of material. As you can see, the one is just strips of scraps of material and she takes other small piece and pieces them together which we call Crazy-Quilts