After a year of hard work, the quilts are off to those in need. Plain & Fancy provided the driver and vehicle to make its rounds to the different churchs to pickup all the boxes of quilts that have been created.

Let’s talk about our quilts this morning since we have dedication of that of them. Other years we had a hundred quilts for several years we had a hundred quilts. As of this year we have 60. One of my ladies from holy trinity has passed away, so that was one less person to help. If anybody would like to come and help on the second Wednesday of each month, from 9:00am-12pm to just pull yarn through. Everything else is done ahead of time. Sue Hedinger helps me to lay them all together each month. Sandy Smith faithfully sews lots and lots of tops. She has done a hundred in a year and from scraps of material. As you can see, the one is just strips of scraps of material and she takes other small piece and pieces them together which we call Crazy-Quilts

St Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church
1730 to Present

Organized c. 1730, the German Lutheran Congregation at Heidelberg, now St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran, built its impressive limestone church in 1765; they enlarged and extensively remodeled the building in 1884. The adjacent brick Miller Chapel dates to 1933; it replaced an earlier structure that served as a Union Sunday school. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America, and his son, Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg, were among the early pastors who ministered to the congregation.

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